Online Connections and Resources

Online Connections and Resources

Stay in touch…and take a look at where we’ll be!  Here’s a listing of online contact points to stay in the loop about the Gathering…and some places online to see what’s offered in Detroit!

Gathering Connections

ELCA 2015 Youth Gathering website
The official website for the Gathering.  This is the default place for info, and for all applications and registrations you will complete for the Gathering.

Another official source, but this one will focus more on breaking news and updates on things that will be happening in Detroit.

Gathering Facebook page
The Gathering on Facebook, with all that you’d expect on Facebook: posts, updates, pictures, links, and lots and lots of likes!  Great way to stay in the loop with minimal effort.

Gathering Twitter feed
Another great way to get breaking news and updates, in 140 character greatness!  Follow #riseupelca and see what others are posting, especially come Gathering time!

Gathering on YouTube
All Gathering-related videos (promo, updates, etc.) are here…let “Phil” and others keep you in the know!  Note: this is the YouTube page for the whole ELCA, so you may need to dig a little to find Gathering videos.

This is a newsletter list you can sign up for that will deliver monthly email updates about the Gathering…a must-do!

Practice Discipleship
Great resource for adult leaders to receive training on both practical and theological aspects of youth ministry.  Great preparation to lead your youth to the Gathering and beyond!

Detroit Resources
There is another story to Detroit than what you see and hear through the media!  Explore these sites to see that Detroit is actually a vibrant, exciting community as well!

Visit Detroit
A great place to explore what there is to see and do in the Detroit region.

Another take on the great sights, sounds, and eats in Detroit.  Great map to grab too!