Bishop Mansholt Statement

Statement from Bishop Mansholt regarding the arrest and deportation of Betty Rendon.

Dear Partners in Ministry,
My heart aches for children dying in custody at our southern border.
My heart aches for the family of Betty Rendón and her husband who were deported to Columbia on May 28 leaving behind her daughter, a DACA recipient, and grandchild.
My heart grieves the lack of political courage and leadership when neighbors in need come from the south fleeing violence, poverty, and starvation.
I commend to you the statement from Bishop Mike Rinehart who serves as chair of the Board of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services and from whose synod the deportation took place.

(Bishop Mike Rinehart statement here)

I am grateful for the ministry of Bishop Paul Erickson of the Greater Milwaukee Synod where Betty Rendón served as a student pastor at a congregation in Racine.
I commend to you the most recent statement from Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton who calls upon us to pray and to urge the presidential administration to seek alternatives to the detention of children.

(Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton statement here)

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services has championed the cause of refugees and immigrants for over 80 years. As Lutheran Christians we advocate for humane policies that sustain family unity and extend love to neighbors in need. So we call upon the President of the United States to cease tearing families apart and to implement policies that protect refugees, migrants and those fleeing violence.
We do this because of the love of Christ compels us to extend the love of God to neighbors in need.

In Christ’s peace,
Bishop Jerry Mansholt

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