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The Ministry of Our Pastors and Deacons.

It would only be fitting to lift up and give thanks to our Pastors and Deacons in this week’s Ministry Highlight. Especially during this time of Lent and preparation of Holy Week. On Thursday April 4th Pastors and Deacons gathered to take part in a Chrism Mass with a Renewal of Ministry Vows at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Marion. Pastors and Deacons from all across the Synod travelled to take part in the event. Church leaders from all across the Synod gathered to worship, pray, and renew their vows of ministry in the presence of God and one another. The Worship service focused on renewal of the Soul and refreshing our leaders for their continued service in Ministry. The service was presided by Bishop Gerald Mansholt. Participants were anointed with oil reinvigorated for their service of Ministry. Our Pastors and Deacons serve graciously and faithfully in our congregations living out the love of Christ every day in their ministry. They boldly lead our congregations forward in good times and bad. Teaching and equipping others on how to live their lives faithfully and generously. Called by God and led forward by the Holy we Spirit our leaders live their lives as an example to others. We our thankful of their dedicated service to our congregations and synod. Following the Chrism Mass participants met for lunch with their colleagues and continued to enjoy each others company and learn more about their colleagues ministry. The Chrism Mass was a great opportunity for the leadership of our Synod to come together in unity and pray for renewal and be uplifted for continued Ministry. We are exceptionally proud of our Pastors and Deacons in the East Central Synod. We ask that you continue to pray for your Pastor and Deacons and all the called and ordained leadership in the Synod and the ELCA. Again, we give thanks for the ministry of our leaders and as the sending blessing of the Chrism stated “May you and the people you serve be ever strengthened and comforted in the grace of forgiveness that comes from the Cross of Christ.” Amen. -Ben Stepanek
Communications Manager
East Central Synod of Wisconsin

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