Global Church & World Issues

We are very grateful to Pastor Chuck Fluegel who provides us with the information on Global Information. This section is a continued work in progress as we make sure the information remains updated and pertinent to your

The Companion Synod / Global Mission Team is a “grass-root” effort by various congregations and individuals—all volunteers. These volunteers have agreed to serve as communicators and liaisons. However, all our meetings are open and other interested people attend. We meet 5-6 times a year in various churches, our camps or synod office in Appleton. We welcome you and others to join us as we encourage our Companion Synod relationship and Global Mission of ELCA. If you would like to contact anyone on the list click here.

    • ELCA Strategy on HIV and AIDS

      The ELCA has supported a number of church programs in Africa, and participated in local AIDS partnerships in the USA.

      The AIDS deaths are down from 2.3 million in about 2005; to 1.6 million in in 2012 and down to 1.1 million world wide deaths in Dec 2015.

      There are 36.7 million people living with HIV; with 17 million people accessing antiretroviral therapy in Dec 2015.

    • Tuberculosis (TB)
      The number of TB deaths in 2015 was 1.8 million. Unfortunately there were 10.4 million new TB cases as well. More than 4 million of the new cases will miss out on appropriate treatment in the near future. The good news is that more and more medical staff are being cross trained to look for TB in every new HIV patient (and vice versa).
    • World Hunger Undernutrition
      Undernutrition comes in many forms. In its most sinister form “stunting”, there are about 165 million stunted children under 5 years old. UNICEF has reported that if we can not rehabilitate them before 2 years old, they will be stunted for life. This means less IQ, less strength and height, and poor health—continuously less productive as adults.
  • Recommended Web Sites
    • Act Alliance
      Action for Churches Together Alliance: All large Protestant Agencies and churches are members. It provides a forum for planning, appealing for money and managing large scale disaster projects.
    • FAO
      Assists individual countries to improve gathering of agriculture statistics and provides advice to government
    • LWF
      The Lutheran World Federation of Churches around the world totaling 70 million Lutherans
    • UNHCR
      The UN Refugee Agency UNHCR is the advocate for Refugees around the world legally and humanitarian wise
    • UNICEF
      Specializes in children’s health and education
    • WFP
      World Food Program: Purchases and delivers food to refugee camps or disaster areas
    • WHO
      World Health Organization: Monitors epidemics, recommends best treatment plans for AIDS, Malaria, TB, etc.
    • ELCA Malaria Campaign
      Since the beginning of the Malaria Campaign, the malaria deaths dropped from 850,000 in 2008 to 627,000 in 2012. The ELCA has raised $10 million by early 2014 out of a goal of $15 million
    • Refugees

      There are 65.3 million refugees as of December 2015. This includes 21.3 million refugees outside their own country; 40.8 million Internally Displaced Persons(IDPs) forced out of their homes but in their own country; and 3.2 million Asylum Seekers waiting for full documentation and a new home.

    • Water Diarrhea & Dehydration
      Somewhat less than 900 million people live with unprotected/safe water. Well over 2 billion people live without sanitation facilities (no outhouses or other amenities). Hence the need to expand these basic services and treat and retreat the cholera and other diarrheas. Dehydration and diarrheas are responsible for 20+ % of the under 5 deaths.
    • ECSW Global Connections
      The East Central Synod of Wisconsin continues to be involved Globally through our Companion Synod Relationship with the Western Diocese in South Africa. Individual congregations or people have interests in other areas such as Guatemala, Tanzania, Haiti, Palestine, Transylvania, Romania and others.