East Central Synod of Wisconsin

Arise Campaign
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What is Arise?

The Arise campaign is a capital campaign by the East Central Synod of Wisconsin. With a target goal of $1,500,000 the arise campaign seeks to provide the funding to help the congregations of the Synod live into God’s promised future and make themselves new in our ever changing world. This campaign will break down financial barriers to those looking to attend seminary, and help current clergy pay down debt. It will engage our congregations in vital programming on stewardship, technology, and strategic direction. Through the Arise campaign the Synod is building towards our future while remaining steadfast in our Christian commitment to one another.  

Arise in Action


Through the Arise Campaign the Synod seeks to break down the barriers of communication between the Synod and our congregations by investing in new resources and technologies we are sharing the love of Christ with a larger audiences and building connection across the Synod.

Stewardship for All Seasons

The Arise Campaign will lower the financial cost for congregations participating in Stewardship for all Seasons. This program aids participating congregations in establishing a capital campaign and strategic mission direction.

Clergy Indebtedness

Funds from the Arise campaign will be used to help address the serious issue of clergy indebtedness as well as support current and future seminarians. Arise is focused on breaking down the financial barriers and opening up an avenue to ministry to those who feel are called by the Church to be leaders.