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Synod Assembly

Offering Information

The Synod Assembly offering will be split 50/50 between the ELCA Fund for Leaders and the Bishop’s Resource fund. The ELCA Fund for Leaders presents seminary scholarships and tuition assistance to students attending an ELCA Seminary. More information regarding the Fund For Leaders can be found here. Assembly offering can be made online using this link. 

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Bishop Election Forms for Nominated Ministers of Word and Sacrament.

The following forms are available for Ministers of Word and Sacrament that have been nominated for the office of bishop on the ecclesiastical ballot. Individuals nominated for the office of bishop wishing to withdraw from the ballot will have until 11:40AM on September 26th. Individuals who are nominated for the office of bishop on the ecclesiastical ballot are invited to respond to the biographical information form listed below and send the responses to elections@ecsw.org

Withdrawal From


(You must download the form to be able to save any changes you have added within it. Please edit the fillable pdf in adobe reader.)


The 2020 Assembly Pre-Print is now availalbe. PLEASE NOTE, this information will be made available in the Lumi Platform the day of the assembly. Should you choose to print the assembly materials, please wait until the week before the assembly to ensure you have any addendum that may be included. Click Here for the Pre-Print


Instructions on how to log-in and navigate through the Lumi Platform.

Bishop Election Ballot Results

Click Here to view the election results for the office of bishop of the East Central Synod of Wisconsin. 

Elections Process Chart

Check out this chart detailing the bishop’s election process from the the the ecclesiastical ballotall the way through the fifth and final ballot. 

Voting Members Log-in Information and Instructions

The 2020 Synod Assembly will be held online using the Lumi Platform on September 26th. Participants will be able to speak on the assembly business, vote, and participate fully online. Registration is for voting members only. Visitors will be able to view the assembly live without registering.  Register online using the buttons at the top and bottom of this page. The registration deadline is September 10th. Please note, there will be no refunds or additional registrations after September 10th. This is a strict deadline to accommodate our online service. 

Election for the office of Bishop

The election for Bishop of the East Central Synod of Wisconsin will be conducted online at the 2020 Synod Assembly. The election is governed by the East Central Synod of Wisconsin bishop’s election committee and overseen by a representative of the ELCA churchwide organization. ELCA Secretary Sue Rothmeyer will be our churchwide representative in 2020. The process of electing a bishop begins at each of six conference assemblies. Each conference can lift up to three names for public identification. These individuals have an opportunity to submit public information about their candidacy ahead of the synod assembly. (That information will be posted to this site on September 1st.) These candidates are considered nominees for consideration. The first ballot at the synod assembly is the official nominating ballot or ecclesiastical ballot. Any rostered minister of word and sacrament within the ELCA can be nominated on the first ballot. For more information, please check out the video below on the elections process. Please note the video was made last February before the postponement of the May assembly. 

Assembly Pre-Print


If you have any questions regarding registration or the assembly process please contact Ben Stepanek at ben.stepanek@ecsw.org or


What is Synod Assembly?

Synod Assembly is an annual gathering of rostered leaders, lay leaders, and members from all 123 congregations. Participants gather to worship, connect, and conduct the annual the business of the Synod. This includes the consideration of resolutions, reports from the Synod and the larger Church, and electing the Bishop and members of the Synod Council. It is important that each congregation makes a plan to send its rostered leaders and representatives to the Synod Assembly to ensure their voices are heard. 


2019 Synod Assembly in Review.

Voting members and visitors of the 2019 Synod Assembly gathered at the Fox Cities Exhibition Center in Appleton WI May 17-18. Participants heard presentations from Rev. Sunitha Mortha about race and the culture of worship. ELCA Glocal musicians provided the music for the Assembly worship and engaged the members in a diverse musical arrangements. Bishop Mansholt presided over the Assembly. The ELCA annual report was delivered by Dana Dutcher. The Assembly considered 4 submitted resolutions passing each of them and also elected new members to the Synod Council. 

Bishop's Report

Bishop Mansholt delivered his annual Bishop’s report to the body. He thanked the congregations for the generous mission support received by the Synod. He announced a Synod trip to the Holy Land taking place in March of 2020. He announced the formation of a task force to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the ordination of women. He lifted up the Arise campaign and the many initiatives it will help fund. 

Assembly Actions

The Assembly considered 4 resolutions submitted by the East Central Synod Global Mission Team. These resolutions encouraged Synod members to utilize ELCA Vacation Bible School Resources, develop relationships with partner congregations in South Africa, practice accompaniment on trips to the Holy Land, and sign up for E-Advocy news updates from the Lutheran Office of Public Policy in Wisconsin. All four resolutions passed the Assembly by wide-Margins



ELCA Churchwide Report

Dana Dutcher Delivered the Annual ELCA Churchwide Report to the Assembly. She brought greetings from Presiding Bishop Eaton and brought the Assembly up to date on many of the successes and challenges facing the ELCA today. Dana Thanked the people of the Synod for its Mission support and donations to the ELCA.

Mission Support – $691,454

Always Being Made New – $882,784

Lutheran Disaster Response – $1,025,00

ELCA World Hunger – $613,000



Synod Council Elections

The Synod Assembly re-elected all previous members of the Synod Council who’s term had ended by unanimous consent. Three positions that were without a nominee going into assembly were filled by nominations on the floor and each position was filled by the unanimous consent of the Assembly. A complete list of the elected Synod Council Members can be found below. 


Synod Assembly Resources