Mission Support
We are church together

Mission Support is the lifeblood that keeps the Synod vital and engaging. The East Central Synod relies on Mission Support from our congregations to fund our programming, be able to walk with congregations in transition, develop staff, and be connected with the ELCA Churchwide organization.


Documents For Congregations

2020 Remittance Form

2020 Statement of Intent

Make a Plan to Give!

It is not just Congregations who invest in Mission Support. Consider making the East Central Synod of Wisconsin part of your offering plan and support the Synod and the resources that benefit your local congregation!

Where does Mission Support Go in the East Central Synod?

Mission Support is used to fund the ministries and operation of the East Central Synod, as well as a host of ministries we in the ELCA rely on to support our Congregations.

How can you support the work of the Synod and the larger Church?

1. Talk to your congregational leaders and make sure your congregation is invested in the work of the Synod and the larger Church.

2. Talk about the importance of Mission Support at your next Congregational Annual Meeting! Informing fellow parishoners where the Mission Support dollars go is a great way making sure your congregation sees the impact.

3. Make a Giving plan! It is not just Congregations that can give mission support. Consider adding the East Central Synod of Wisconsin to your offering plan. Your support will benefit your congregation, the ELCA Churchwide organization, and a host of ministries vital to the Church

ELCA Churchwide – 50% of every dollar given to the East Central Synod is shared with the ELCA Churchwide organization. This helps fund the work of the Presiding Bishop, the ministries of the ELCA, such as Young Adults in Global Mission

Seminaries – Mission support dollars are used help benefit the 7 ELCA Seminaries. Keeping our seminaries properly funded helps keeps tuition costs down and break down barriers for students to pursue a call to ministry. 

Youth Ministries – Did your child attend a Junior or Senior youth gathering over the years? It was sponsored by Mission Support! Youth programming is vital to keeping youth engaged in their local congregations and networking with youth from around the Synod. 

Crossways Camping Ministries

Our Synod is blessed with the beautiful facilities provided by Crossways. In supporting their ministries we give youth in the synod an opportunity to have a positive experience at camp

Lay School

Congregations rely on the participation of lay school students to keep their ministries strong. Supporting the Central Lay school is fundamental to developing an engaged and educated membership that can train and equip their congregations.

The numbers

With 123 Congregations our Synod spreads across Northeast and Central Wisconsin. It takes significant investment to tend to the needs of our congregations and look forward to the future. Our annual budget can be broken down into four focus areas. Being Church Together, Accompanying congregations, Cultivating leaders, Focused Framework


  • Being church Together- 55%
  • Accompanying Congregations- 18%
  • Cultivating LEaders – 15%
  • Focused Framework 12%



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