Synod Council Discusses COVID-19 Response

                The East Central Synod of Wisconsin Synod Council engaged in a conversation about how the synod can continue to be “Church Together” during this time of COVID-19. The Council discussed the spiritual, physical, and economic consequences of the virus and talked about ways we can continue to be the church in this time of COVID-19.


Think of the Most Vulnerable. – The Council discussed at length the need to think of the most vulnerable. Ideas arose such as ensuring that members continue to take food to their local food pantries, and look for ways to assist families. It was also recommended that while we might be physically isolated we strive to remain socially connected. Telephone, videochat, and continue to connect with those who are isolated and lift each other up in prayer.

Being Church in New Ways. The Council stressed the importance of striving to be church in new and innovative ways. Such as utilizing technology to livestream services and hold virtual bible studies. Establish phone trees to stay in contact with those who may be socially isolated without the physical gathering for church. Most importantly, the Council agreed that each of us as a responsibility to keep the other healthy and safe in our congregations. Do not take unnecessary risks, and do not put the most vulnerable such as the elderly and those with chronic conditions at risk. Stay socially connected while be physically distant.

Economic impact. – An idea that arose from the Council meeting was to think of small business who will be hurt during this time. It was recommend that purchasing gift cards from small businesses is a great way to show support and give income to a small local business that could desperately use it during this time of isolation. Look for ways to support needy families and children who may rely upon their school for lunch.