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East Central Synod of Wisconsin

In Christ We Are…

…Stirred by the Spirit

…Walking Together

…Engaging the World in Love


With Christ we are…

…Feeding and Equipping Leaders

…Listening to the Voice of the Other

…Collaborating with Ministry Partners

…Building Bridges Across All the Differences that Divide



We Are a Synod Together



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Together we are filled with energy and excitement for what God has in store for us!


Together we are deeply rooted and always being made new. Our roots are in scripture, Christian tradition and the Lutheran Confessions, including the rich and vibrant histories of our local congregations. We give thanks for our past, honor those who have served the Gospel before us, and are open to God’s new creation in Jesus Christ.

Together we are embracing God’s promised future encouraging congregations toward vitality in stewardship, technology, and practices of innovation. The ARISE appeal invigorates the ministry of the synod to support Stewardship for All Seasons, Reimagining Church, missional experiments, and discernment events.

Together we are promoting a spirit of generosity. God, who calls us into mission, gives us the gifts we need. Stewardship for All Seasons helps congregations focus on mission through biblical foundations of stewardship. The Generosity Project engages people across generations in activities celebrating generosity. The ARISE appeal provides new funding streams and new opportunities for congregations and members to support the ministries of the Synod.

Together we are collaborating with ministry partners. God calls us to embrace the gift of unity in Jesus Christ. We rejoice in the Full Communion agreements of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, embrace the gifts of all our ecumenical partners and commit ourselves to work with inter-faith partners. Wisconsin Council of Churches ties us together with religious communities throughout the state. We are grateful for the gifts of all six ELCA synods in their work with Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan and our collaboration in mission initiatives. Through the Global Mission Task Force and the Companion Synod Team, we participate in God’s mission in the Western Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in South Africa and to the ends of the world.

Together we are seeking to be transformed.  As we continue to share the love of Christ amidst an ever-changing culture, we are discovering new ways of being church together. Reimagining Church and Seeds for Growth give congregations the opportunity to engage in holy listening and experimentation as they discern what God is doing in their midst. Learning communities equip leaders for a changing culture.

Together we are raising up leaders for a new day. Every person is called to ministry in baptism. Some are called to serve as leaders in the church – lay leaders, pastors, and deacons. We commit to feed and equip all leaders in our synod through EPIC (Equipping People in Congregations), Theological Conference, our two Lay Schools of Ministry, First Call Theological Conference, and other programs. Discernment events are held to walk with those people who are discerning calls to ordained ministry and the Candidacy Committee accompanies seminarians in their continued discernment throughout their theological education. Seminaries and Lay Schools are making theological education more accessible and affordable. Through the ARISE appeal, funding is designated to address clergy indebtedness and the cost of theological education.

Together we have inspiring stories to tell. The story of God is becoming incarnate among us. From making wooden toys for underprivileged children to providing food for the community, people in our synod are making a difference in the name of Jesus! As we share these stories with one another, new ideas inspire and new energy flows to engage the people in our communities in tangible ways with the love of Christ. As we listen to the voices of others we know there are more stories to share.

                                        2020-2025 Mission Focus


ECSW currently hosts the Senior High Youth Gathering (SYG) and Junior High Youth Gathering (JYG) every year. Through conversation and activities at the Synod Council retreat in August of 2019, Synod Council and staff members identified the need to prioritize youth and young adult participation within our synod as well as work to build stronger relationships with our youth and young adults.  The following goals were identified:

1 Year Goal:  Develop a testimony campaign for youth, soliciting ways they would like to participate. Begin with Synod Council members attending SYG & JYG to listen and interact with synod youth.

3 Year Goal(s):  Reimagine the Synod Youth Board; and amend constitutional provisions regarding Synod Assembly voting members to promote participation of youth and young adult voting members at Synod Assembly.

5 Year Goal:  Provide workshops and educational opportunities at Synod Assembly specific to our youth and young adult voting members.